Marie Porter, Spandex Costumer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can you make .....?

A. Short answer is YES, with the right budget. We have a wide variety of skills, and a LOT of experience. If it exists, we can likely make it.

Q. "QUEENOFSPANDEX.NET"? What's up with that? Ego trip?

A. Way back in my earlier costuming days, I decided to purchase radio advertising, and the domain back then - "" - didn't translate well to radio ads - no one knows how to spell Routhier! "Queen of Spandex" was a term used by the Mississauga News in an interview with me shortly before that time. After the initial shock, I found it cute - and catchy. While my original .com domain is now considered a "premium" domain by resellers, I decided to honor my design roots by returning to a similar domain.

Q. Do you sell to Canada/Overseas?

A. We sure do! Contact us to make arrangements!

Q. How do I take care of my costume?

A. Click here for our guidelines to take care of your costume.

Q. When will my order be shipped? Does it take a long time to make them?

A. Generally speaking, spandex costumes don't take an obscene amount of time to make - it's just a matter of what is in line before your order. If you need your costume for a specific event, call us well in advance of it, to make sure we have time to get it to you. Generally speaking, orders should be shipped within 3 weeks. We will let you know, at the time of your order, how long it will take. All orders are shipped by USPS Priority mail, unless you want to make alternate arrangements.

Q. What if I need it faster?

A. I CAN rush an order, but you will pay a rush fee... so try and give me plenty of time to complete it. Also, I can send your order by express courier or whatever, but you will have to pick up the extra cost of that as well.

Q. Can you send me the prices for every style of costume?

A. Um, NO. Because everything I do is custom, there really is an unlimited number of possibilities. Please be specific about what you are interested in. If you have a couple of ideas, describe them and I'll price those out for you.

Q. How much would it cost for a __________ with some sort of design on it?

A. It really does depend on the design. I can't give a quote without seeing what exactly I'm doing! If you have a photo, image file, or sketch, just pass that along to us. Please indicate what you'd be looking for in terms of colour, size, placement, and fabrics to be used.

Q. What if it doesn't fit?

A. When you order long distance, I will give you instructions on how to have your measurements taken for us. Many people take measurements differently, so I ask that you follow our guidelines carefully. If you do, your garment should fit perfectly, with no alterations. If, for some reason it doesn't, I can provide *minor* alterations - all you pay is the extra shipping.

Customers who order in person - and are measured by me personally need not worry about fit. Your order is not complete until it fits properly (Unless there is a change in customer sizing - detailed in the contract).

Q. I changed my mind about the style I want... can you change my costume?

A. If you decide that you didn't like the style you ordered, after the fabric has been cut, I will redo it - but there will be a redesign fee, and possibly additional fabric charges. Try to be sure of it before your order is confirmed!

Q. Do you have any payment plans?

A. I tried offering payment plans, and found that they don't always work. Rather than raising our prices to compensate for time lost hassling deliquent accounts, I just changed my payment policy. I now require payment in full before starting an order.

Q. Do you do drag queen gowns / Pride costuming?


Q. How much is (_price, CAD_) in (_currency_)?

A. We recommend checking the Universal Currency Converter for an idea of pricing.

Q. Do you design all the outfits, or can I design my own?

A. We design the majority of the suits you will find in our galleries. Many of our costuming clients prefer to tell us the music / theme, and let us go crazy - historically, that has produced the best results. If you have a specific design you'd like made, that's also no problem. Mail or Email us a sketch, with any fabric / colour descriptions that may be necessary.

Some people fall somewhere in between the last two options.. they know the theme, and a basic idea of what they'd like - a specific colour, or cut.. but not a whole idea. If this is the case, let us know what your ideas are so far, and we can run with it.

As for the non-costume sportswear, we can take custom orders for pretty much anything spandex. If in doubt, send us an email detailing what you are looking for!

Q. I have a really short torso, and my chest is disproportionately large.. can you work with this?

A. I draft the patterns for each of our custom swimwear orders ourselves, using the specific measurements of the client. Because of this, your proportions don't really matter! Your suit is made to fit you, right from the start.

Q. I don't live nearby... how do I place an order?

1. Contact us. I can design something for you, or make something from your sketches.Let us know what kind of colours you had in mind, and a little bit about your character, music, program, event, or any other information that may help in designing.

2. Email or mail us any sketches you may have about your ideas.

3. I'll figure out fabric and labor costs, and let you know. Also, I'll give you an approximate of how long it will take.

4. Print & fill out an order form, and either mail, or email the information to us. Contact us if you have any questions about taking measurements. If you follow our instructions accurately, Your garment should fit perfectly, with no alterations needed.

5. Payment must be received in full before order is started. We can issue an online invoice for credit card payment, or accept checks/Money orders. Checks and money orders should be made payable to "Celebration Generation"

6. I construct your garment, and mail it to you.


PLEASE NOTE! Due to the custom nature of our work, I DO NOT offer refunds for any reason. Please be as accurate as possible when describing what you want, and with taking your measurements!

Q. Hey, can you do stuff for my backyard promotion? We do lightbulb matches and....."

A. Whoa there. I have a strict "NO BACKYARD" policy. If you and your buddies want to beat each other up, set yourselves on fire, and all of that other nonsense, that's ultimately up to you. I don't support it.

Q. But money is money! Pro wrestlers have to start somewhere!

A. Yes, I agree all pro wrestlers must start somewhere... but that somewhere should be in a real ring, with a qualified instructor, and when you're at an appropriate age - NOT 13 years olds in a garage. Money may be money, but ethics are ethics.