Marie Porter, Spandex Costumer
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Measuring for Synchro Swim Orders

For swimsuit orders, I need chest, waist, hips, and backwaist measurements. Here is my measuring info:

Taking Measurements for Custom Swimwear

1. Have someone else take your measurements. Measuring yourself will likely result in inaccurate numbers.

2. "Chest" refers to the measurement around the fullest part of the bust, usually at the nipple line. Make sure that the measuring tape goes straight across the back, not scooping down under your shoulderblades.

3. Wear a well fitting, supportive, and unpadded bra when taking chest measurement. (If applicable)

4. "Waist" refers to the smallest part of your torso. If you do not have an obvious waistline, bend to one side. The point at which you bend over is your waistline.

5."Hips" refers to the fullest measurement around your butt - NOT at your hipbone line!

6. To measure backwaist:stand with your back to whomever is measuring you, and bend your head forward (while standing up straight, and not leaning your body forward!). They should measure from the prominent vertebra in your neck (the bone that sticks out when you bend your head forward), down to the level of the waistline you measured earlier.